My designs arise from my lifelong association with growing plants and creating gardens. My father was a landscaper and nurseryman, so I grew up surrounded by greenhouses and growing shrubs and flowers.

I've always lived in the Hauppauge area of Smithtown. Hauppauge is an American Indian name that means bubbling waters. Wandering and exploring in this area as a child (and now as an adult) has given me a love and fascination with wetlands, ponds, and the variety of life that lives there.

I know Hauppauge very well and love to explore the many hidden streams and swamps that are scattered throughout it. I love recreating these beautiful outdoor settings which provide the soul with enjoyment.

Our mission at Sage and Spirit Water Garden Design is to provide exceptional quality services for commercial and residential properties. We will attractively integrate a naturalistic or formal water feature with appropriate plants and fish. Our water features are custom-made to suit both your needs and the needs of the environment's ecosystem.

We provide:
    -design services for the best effects
    -educated selection of plants
    -appropriate soil and location
    -correct placement for growth
    -desired natural or formal motif

If you prefer, you can design the shape of your own pond. We will excavate and construct your pond with waterfall and stream.

Take a moment to discover what we can provide for you.