If you have ever gazed at your reflection on the surface of a pond, or watched a small stream bubble playfully through a landscape, then you know how soothing and mystical the presence of water can be.

A water garden can bring you the pleasure and tranquility you need as an antidote to the stress associated with today's high-speed lifestyles.

Water gardens add beauty and a magical feel to landscapes large and small. A reflecting pond, filled with koi (pictured, right) and water lilies, can be a beautiful part of your surroundings.
By planting in and around water, you can turn the setting into a relaxing and inspiring landscape animated by the tranquility of both water and earth.

Water gardens are also wonderful places for children to witness a living

ecosystem and to begin to understand the wonders of nature.


Take a good look at your landscape to visualize where your water garden should be. You will probably want to see it
from the house as well as from various locations in the yard.

The pond itself can be formal, informal, a simple container,
or a large naturalistic pond, with or without a waterfall.

Your water garden can be created on sloping ground, in and around patios and decks, in formal or naturalistic settings, and in sunny or shady locations.